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The Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe


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Europa Nostra is the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe, representing individuals and organisations active in the field of cultural heritage.



In 50 years Europa Nostra has built a network of more than 400 member and associate organisations from all over Europe. They represent millions of citizens supporting or working for heritage as volunteers and professionals. As a member of this growing network, you can share your ideas and exchange best practices with European colleagues. You can contribute to and benefit from our website, magazines, heritage tours and meetings. You will be inspired and gain encouragement for your further endeavours.



Join us in making cultural heritage a European priority. Together we will promote sustainable development and quality standards in urban and rural planning. Together we will safeguard our cities, our countryside and our historical, architectural and archaeological sites. Together, we will demonstrate that our cultural heritage is a key asset to Europe’s society and economy, and is essential to our identity and quality of life. Europa Nostra is your connection to the European Union, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.


Each year, we reward the best of cultural heritage achievements. Through our European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, we celebrate excellence and dedication by architects, craftsmen, volunteers, schools, local communities, heritage owners and media. Through the power of their example we stimulate creativity and innovation. Submit your project and share your success.



Europa Nostra campaigns against the many threats to Europe’s cultural heritage. When monuments or sites are in danger by uncontrolled development, environmental change, neglect or conflict, we raise our voice. Cooperation and solidarity between heritage organisations and activists are vital to ensure that witnesses of our past are here to enjoy today and in the future.



We invite all committed to cultural heritage to join: heritage professionals and volunteers; associations, networks and federations; foundations; public authorities and agencies; museums, schools and universities; corporations and businesses.


Share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.


Support us in taking care of our shared history and the unity in diversity of our common culture.



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