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The Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe
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We invite all committed to cultural heritage to join: heritage professionals and volunteers; associations, networks and federations; foundations; public authorities and agencies; museums, schools and universities; corporations and businesses.
Share your knowledge, experience and enthusiasm!
Support us in taking care of our shared history and the unity in diversity of our common culture!


Europe’s cultural heritage is constantly and increasingly under threat from a multitude of fronts: Europa Nostra is a loud and effective voice ringing out the alarm! Cultural Heritage is increasingly seen as being widely relevant in more and more aspects of our lives, society and economy: Europa Nostra is present to defend the interests of the sector at European level, and through our members, at National and local levels. Help us build our resources to meet the challenges and the work out there waiting for us to tackle. Become an Individual Benefactor or Corporate Benefactor to contribute actively and financially to our activities and to the growth of Europe's citizens' movement in favour of cultural heritage. 



Each year, we reward the best of cultural heritage achievements. Through our European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, we celebrate excellence and dedication by architects, craftsmen, volunteers, schools, local communities, heritage owners and media. Through the power of their example we stimulate creativity and innovation. Submit your project and share your success.



Europa Nostra campaigns against the many threats to Europe’s cultural heritage. When monuments or sites are in danger by uncontrolled development, environmental change, neglect or conflict, we raise our voice. Cooperation and solidarity between heritage organisations and activists are vital to ensure that witnesses of our past are here to enjoy today and in the future.



Europa Nostra’s the Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe. Our website is an interactive digital portal for sharing and gaining information about events and stories about cultural heritage from across the continent. Send us notices of your events, meetings, exhibitions or courses of European relevance, for our website visitors to see and consult. Share your photos and stories, whether of a stunning heritage treasure you have recently visited, or a shocking case of an endangered heritage building or site.


Europa Nostra is rich in the passion and engagement of our volunteers, committed to our mission of safeguarding Europe’s cultural heritage, built and natural, big and small, of local, national or European importance. Coordinated by our small but dedicated Secretariat in The Hague, Europa Nostra is dependent on our volunteers, be they Board or Council members, members of our 400 Member and Associate Organisations, or generous individuals who help us at the Secretariat, at Heritage fairs, or from home assisting with translations. Please contact us if you want to get involved!


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